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Ice Cream Cone - Caravan Park Cerne Abbas

Book Your Long-Awaited Summer Holiday at Giants Head Caravan & Camping Park

Today’s further easing of restrictions means that here at Giants Head camping site in Cerne Abbas we can open our gates to many more guests and we couldn’t be more excited. Due to the Government restrictions in place, our reopening on April 12 only permitted us to host those with the benefit of their own on-board facilities. However, as of May 17th this has changed.

Our shared facilities, including showers, hand basins, washing up and laundry facilities, are now open and we’re no longer restricted in the type of guest we can welcome! Covid-19 safety measures will be in place and we ask that social distancing still continues to be exercised in order to ensure a safe environment for all of our guests and staff.

Things are definitely starting to feel more normal and we’re so excited to see our caravan and camping site filled with many new, as well as some familiar, faces this summer. And speaking of familiar faces, we’re sure that Giants Head regulars will be happy to learn that Jen’s Ice Creams will once again have a regular presence here over the next few months, on hand to provide her delicious ice creams and other sweet treats. Jen is a firm favourite here and we know that her ice cream will go down a treat like always!

Another local business that our guests love is our friends at Cerne Abbas Brewery. Located just a couple of miles down the road from us, Cerne Abbas Brewery is a must-visit whether you’re a beer fan or not! Their fantastic beer garden provides the perfect environment to enjoy a nice cold drink on a warm day.

Cerne Abbas Brewery’s Lovely Beer Garden

Alongside their delightful range of beer they also offer cider, wine, spirits and soft drinks – so there’s definitely something for everybody. The beer garden is open Thur – Sun with local food prepared and served on site on Saturdays. Although you’re always welcome to take along your own picnic or snacks to enjoy as you’re quenching your thirst!

Caravan Park Cerne Abbas

Whilst it’s important we don’t let our guard down in terms of staying safe and lowering the spread of Covid-19, we’re also very much looking forward to getting back to a level of normality we haven’t had a chance to experience in some time – and we know this is a feeling shared with those across the whole country! If you’re looking to enjoy some time away our caravan & camping site in Cerne Abbas offers the perfect location for that long-awaited holiday. Get in touch with us today to make your booking.

Camping Site near Cerne Abbas Giant

Cerne Abbas Giant

One of the most popular activities guests enjoy while staying with us at our camping site near Cerne Abbas is paying a visit to the legendary Cerne Abbas Giant!

At 180ft high the giant is a prominent figure situated on Trendle Hill near the village of Cerne Abbas. The giant is a hugely important part of the local culture and folklore with many people believing him to be a significant fertility symbol – and even the quickest of glances is enough to learn why. He’s certainly not shy!

While there are a lot of unknowns about the giant one of the biggest mysteries has always been concerning his age – nobody knows exactly when he first appeared. However recent tests have shed some light on the big question and we have snails to thank for this new revelation!

It had been hoped that the giant was prehistoric or Roman. Unfortunately the nature of the snail shells discovered within the soil indicate that he instead dates back to medieval times. While he may not be as old as we had thought the Cerne Abbas Giant is still a firm favourite of everybody here at our campsite in Dorchester!

Camping Site Cerne Abbas

If you want to visit the giant in order to make your own judgement on his age then our caravan park near Cerne Abbas is the ideal location. There are plenty of fantastic vantage points nearby which give you the perfect chance to appreciate the sheer enormity of the giant chalk figure. For a truly wonderful day out you can combine your trip to the giant with a visit to the lovely village of Cerne Abbas to enjoy some food & drinks.

Get in touch today to book your stay!