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Campsite near Minterne

Looking Ahead… We can “Carry on Camping”, but be Prepared & Plan Ahead to Avoid Disappointment.

At Giants Head Caravan & Camping Park we love the relationship we have with all of our campers and appreciate when someone gives us a positive review or recommends us to friends & family. We came across this fantastic post one of our regular visitors posted on their personal blog, in which they very kindly mentioned us. With permission we’re reposting it here as a guest blog post!

I think the film “Carry on Camping” had quite a positive effect on numbers of campers when it first appeared (for several reasons!) Sad recent news about Barbara Windsor, but it is perhaps the fun side of camping, the unexpected, that she so brilliantly portrayed that will stay with us for a long time and is so important to all campers.

Although very keen campers, my family only managed one day camping in Dorset last year. After weeks of lockdown and by the time we decided to bite the bullet and organise a trip away the campsites in Dorset were practically all full, only the odd day was available. We love camping near Dorchester and this year we are starting early.

Preparing for Your Camping Trip

Prepare for Camping Near Dorchester

For most of us, it’s a trip up into the attic, the garden shed or the garage to locate and check all the camping gear – do it NOW, if you have spare time on your hands. Putting it all together in one place is the best bet and refer to your Camping Equipment list if you have one, if not, it’s ESSENTIAL. How many times have you forgotten the wooden mallet, the pump, the torch or the bottle opener or bottle(s) of wine. There are always great deals on at the beginning of the year, time for a new tent to impress your fellow campers – or on a less expensive, practical note – some new tent pegs to replace all those bent ones.

Research – Camping Site Cerne Abbas

Ask your friends, use the internet, but be aware, do it early in the year to avoid disappointment. There are going to be a lot more Brits holidaying in the UK this year and one of our favourites, Giant Heads camping (the campsite near Minterne) are reporting a lot of early bookings from April onwards.

It goes without saying that it’s quite a “carry-on” this camping lark, but whether young or old, you are bound to have a memorable time, you are out in the fresh air, it’s very safe. Plan ahead and book early, especially if you’re camping in Dorset!

Camping Site near Cerne Abbas Giant

Cerne Abbas Giant

One of the most popular activities guests enjoy while staying with us at our camping site near Cerne Abbas is paying a visit to the legendary Cerne Abbas Giant!

At 180ft high the giant is a prominent figure situated on Trendle Hill near the village of Cerne Abbas. The giant is a hugely important part of the local culture and folklore with many people believing him to be a significant fertility symbol – and even the quickest of glances is enough to learn why. He’s certainly not shy!

While there are a lot of unknowns about the giant one of the biggest mysteries has always been concerning his age – nobody knows exactly when he first appeared. However recent tests have shed some light on the big question and we have snails to thank for this new revelation!

It had been hoped that the giant was prehistoric or Roman. Unfortunately the nature of the snail shells discovered within the soil indicate that he instead dates back to medieval times. While he may not be as old as we had thought the Cerne Abbas Giant is still a firm favourite of everybody here at our campsite in Dorchester!

Camping Site Cerne Abbas

If you want to visit the giant in order to make your own judgement on his age then our caravan park near Cerne Abbas is the ideal location. There are plenty of fantastic vantage points nearby which give you the perfect chance to appreciate the sheer enormity of the giant chalk figure. For a truly wonderful day out you can combine your trip to the giant with a visit to the lovely village of Cerne Abbas to enjoy some food & drinks.

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